About Katje Sabin, Crowning Glory's Braider

Three beautiful braiders! Barbara Jensen (Spicy Braids), Katje Sabin (Crowning Glory Braids)  and Karen Ribble (Braided Image) at the 2009 Braiders' Summit (aka, Ohio Ren Faire).
 Katje Sabin has been creating Renaissance-style and fantasy-inspired hair designs for over 25 years. She has braided at the Northern Renaissance Faire in Novato, CA; the Dickens Fair in Sacramento, CA; the Valhalla Renaissance Faire in South Lake Tahoe, CA; the Ohio Renaissance Festival; the Oregon Country Fair; the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA; and dozens of other fairs and events.

She owes a tremendous debt to the marvelous woman who started her on her braiding journey, Cate Bengford. Cate asked Katje to sit in on a braiding workshop as a hair model in 1988, and the rest is history. 

Special acknowledgment goes to her very patient and talented Crowning Glory partners, including Sierra Holbrook, Mary Perkins, Caren Callaway, Nigel Dewar, Kristine Olsen, Rachel Messer, and Amber Jones-Black.

She has had the good fortune and great honor of being inspired by many outstanding hair artists over the years, including Lynn Combs, Karen Ribble, Mary Bertke, Celeste Aviva, and Barbara Jensen.

Katje is currently based in Chicago, IL, with her husband Bill, a biology professor at DePaul University, and her youngest son. Her careers have included journalism, freelance editing, event production, intuitive massage therapy, and baking in a worker-owned cooperative restaurant; but her favorite occupation by far has been being a full-time homeschooling mom to her four children. Her mothering path has led her to homebirth, midwifery advocacy, childbirth education, doula service, perinatal hospice, homeschooling and unschooling. 

​ Other interests include knitting, juggling, beading, Nia, singing, kumihimo, word puzzles, board games, the SCA, otters, rainbows, and calligraphy (yes, she is a bit of a magpie).